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Our company is pleased to receive the 2016 National Medium-sized City Public Tra

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  • Date Posted:2019-01-18
2016 is a year for our company to take off, a year of leapfrogging development, and a year of fruitful achievements. By the end of 2016, our company has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with nearly 30 bus factories, such as Yutong, Liaocheng Zhongtong, Jinlong, Jinlu, Ankai, Futian, Yaxing, Yinlong, Zhongche Times, Shenwo, Shenlong and so on. We have adopted the marketing strategy of "product upgrade without price increase, lifelong quality assurance and free service" in the market, and the production and sales volume have doubled compared with the previous year. The new generation of intelligent centralized lubrication system products in the market are favored by users because of their superior performance, stable quality, convenient operation, convenient installation and maintenance.

No pains, no gains, no pains, no gains. After unremitting efforts and hard work, Kai Gentleman in 2016 has finally been recognized by the majority of users and the industry. He has been awarded the honorary title of "National Medium-sized City Public Transport New Energy Bus (Centralized Lubrication) Recommended Brand 2016" issued by the Medium-sized City Professional Committee of the Urban Public Transport Society of China Civil Engineering Society.


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