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Our company won the honorary title of "National High-tech Enterprise"

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  • Date Posted:2019-01-18

With the joy of the new year 2018, good news came from Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau. Our company has won the honorary title of "National High-tech Enterprise". In recent years, Kaishen Science and Technology has always adhered to the line of technological innovation, focusing on product research and development and technological investment. Up to now, it has declared 22 national patents, 1 software copyright and the product technology is in the leading level in the same industry. This is another major national honorary title after our company won the honor of "Research and Development Center of Luoyang Chassis Centralized Lubrication Enterprise", which is the whole company. The crystallization of the Division's technological innovation is the result of extensive concern, concern and care from experts, scholars and users in the same industry throughout the country.

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