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Ministry of Transportation's Major Theme Publicity Activity 2007 Quality Discove

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  • Date Posted:2019-01-18

The picture shows the launching ceremony of the major theme promotional activities of "Quality Discovery Tour 2017".

On May 24, the Ministry of Transportation's promotional campaign "Quality Discovery Tour 2017" was officially launched in Beijing.

"Quality Discovery Tour 2017" is sponsored by the Ministry of Transportation, sponsored by China Communications Newspaper, and co-sponsored by Futian Automobile Group and Futian Automobile Ouhui Bus Bus Division. The event will invite the central, industrial and local media to form an interview group and enter representative cities and regions such as Chongqing, Liaoning, Shenyang, Shandong, Jinan, Zhejiang and Hangzhou. It will report in depth on the advanced experience and positive results of the transformation and upgrading of road transport, priority development of public transport, transportation equipment and promotion of new energy vehicles in various regions. Through various activities such as sharing experiences and modes of application of quality transport equipment, we will promote the development of new energy and clean energy transport equipment, guide the popularization and application of high-end and intelligent advanced transport equipment, let advanced technology and excellent ideas enter transport users, let the market discover the advantages of high-quality transport equipment, and deepen the concept of good faith management based on quality. Identification.

It is understood that the "quality survey" will be carried out during the activity to collect the demands and aspirations of the transport industry practitioners, so that transport equipment enterprises can know the needs of the industry, improve products and technologies in a targeted manner, and let industry managers better understand the situation and facilitate decision-making and management. In addition, the activities will establish effective communication channels through the selection of "three quality officers" (quality supervisor, quality experience officer and quality information officer) to form a good atmosphere conducive to industrial development.

Cai Yuhe, Party Secretary and President of China Communications Newspaper, said at the launching ceremony that the "Quality Discovery Tour 2017" will follow the rich experience accumulated by the "Quality Discovery Tour 2016" and take the discovery and display of excellent quality and application results of urban bus and road passenger vehicles as the starting point, expand the industry influence of Chinese bus brands and guide the effective supply of transport equipment in China. To promote service upgrading in China's transport industry.

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