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contact us

hotline : 400-063-0331

manager : 

tel : 0379-60663366

address : Henan Luoyang Hangong Road 51

position: index > Culture
Enterprise spirit: Beyond self pursuit of excellence
Enterprise vision: to create an international famous brand, enter the global centralized lubrication leading enterprise
Enterprise mission: focus on providing users with centralized lubrication optimal solutions, dedication to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction low-carbon economy play a leading role
Business philosophy: Create value for customers, create space for employees, win returns for shareholders, take responsibility for society
Core values: Build enterprise by virtue, respect, harmony, innovation, refinement, promotion, efficiency, customer integrity and win-win
Enterprise by virtue: with personality, supplies line to inspire people, cohesion, inspire people
Respect harmony: people-oriented, respect equality, concentric harmony, sharing success
Innovation and refinement: innovation wins, the pursuit of excellence; Professional focus, excellence
High efficiency: show the power of the 100-meter hurdles, enjoy the pleasure of the speed of Kishen, have the keen ability to face the market, the faith to overcome difficulties, and build an excellent team with clear goals, loyalty and trust, quick action and strong combat effectiveness
Customer achievement: dedicated to create value maximized first-class products and services for users
Integrity and win-win: honest and trustworthy, win-win
Quality objectives:
Product zero defect standard internationalization
Quality policy:
Focus on customer needs, continuous technological innovation, the pursuit of excellent quality, beyond customer expectations, quality and efficient service, to win customer satisfaction
Talent Philosophy:
People-oriented, with both political integrity and ability, people fit their positions, and people fit their positions, innovation and transcendence, and common success
Talent is the most valuable wealth, the door of Kaishen technology is open to all those who aspire to devote themselves to the cause of intelligent concentrated lubrication!

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