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hotline : 400-063-0331

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tel : 0379-60663366

address : Henan Luoyang Hangong Road 51

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Marketing philosophy and market performance

Kaishen technology always adhere to the marketing concept of "make friends with sincerity, lead the market with technology, hit the market with quality, win the market with service", through continuous technological innovation, service innovation and concept innovation, to provide customers with the maximum value of centralized vehicle lubrication solutions is Kaishen technology unremitting pursuit!
After years of practice, Kaishen technology has collected a large number of customers' opinions and suggestions on the use of centralized lubrication system and obtained first-hand information. Through bold technological innovation, Developed a more advanced technology, better performance, more human operation, more convenient maintenance of the KS203 series of new generation of intelligent centralized lubrication system products and has independent intellectual property rights, once the products to the market will be widely recognized by the majority of customers. Kaishen technology takes the measure of "product upgrade without price increase, service extension spare parts enough", which is well received by users. So far, Through a variety of marketing modes, We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many customers in the field of public transportation, passenger transportation and freight transportation. Such as Harbin, Yining, Luoyang, Yangzhou, Lianyungang, Handan, Yancheng, Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Nantong, Qingdao, Zaozhuang, Jincheng, Jiujiang, Yuncheng taizhou and other public transport and truck customers, Products have been covered in xinjiang, heilongjiang, liaoning, Beijing, tianjin, shaanxi, gansu, shanxi, henan, shandong, hebei, jiangsu, guangdong, sichuan, chongqing, fujian, jiangxi, anhui, zhejiang, Shanghai, guizhou and so on more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, has been basically established a nationwide sales network, currently keaion technology is strongly develop the market, at the rate of multiplication The momentum of development is irresistible.
While focusing on supporting services for terminal customers, Kaishen technology also attaches great importance to supporting services with bus manufacturers. Our company has established long-term supporting cooperation with more than 30 domestic bus manufacturers such as Zhengzhou Yutong, Xiamen Golden Long, Xiamen Golden Long, Suzhou Golden Long, Yangzhou Yaxing, Shanghai Shenwu, Liaocheng Zhongtong, Beiqi Foton, CIMC Lingyu, Ankai Bus, Zhuhai Guangtong, Yixing Electric, Chongqing Hengtong, etc.

Keaion technology in "focus on customer needs, continuous technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence quality, exceed customer expectations, quality and efficient service, to win customer satisfaction" under the guidance of policy, is willing to wholeheartedly for the user to create a first-class products and services, to maximize the value of wholeheartedly with your sincere cooperation, hand in hand and win-win, compose the healthy and rapid development of vehicle centralized lubrication industry a new chapter!

National marketing network distribution information:

Northeast Regional office (Harbin) : Manager Xu Tel: 13843181298
Principal of northwest Regional office (Xi 'an) : Manager Yuan Tel: 13772003200
North China Regional Office (Langfang) : Manager Wu Tel: 18137705848
East China Regional Office (Zhenjiang) : Manager Zhang Tel: 18137712007
Central Region office (Luoyang) : Manager Feng Tel: 18137712262
Hunan and Jiangxi Regional Office (Changsha) : Manager Pan Tel: 18137724708
Head of southern Regional office (Guangzhou) : Manager Guo Tel: 18137717471
Responsible person of Sichuan and Chongqing Regional Office (Chongqing) : Manager Lu Tel: 18137711931
Yungui guizhou Regional Office (Guiyang) manager: Wang Tel: 18137715718

National service hotline 400-063-0331

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