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contact us

hotline : 400-063-0331

manager : 

tel : 0379-60663366

address : Henan Luoyang Hangong Road 51

1. Application Instructions:
If you are interested in the professional position offered by our company, please contact our personnel department as follows:
This year's graduates notice: provide personal resume, the relevant honors and skills in school certification materials, id card copy, etc.
Notice to other applicants: resume, academic credentials, certificates of honors and technical titles, copy of id card.
2. Application Methods:
If you are interested in the position and position provided by our company, please apply through the following ways:
① Submit your resume online;
② Send your resume by mail or E-mail to the Personnel Department of our company;
③ Please attend our company's job fairs which will be held all over the country in due time.
④ You can come to the company headquarters for an interview at the appropriate time.
3. Recruitment Procedures:
① Review the relevant application materials. The personnel department of the company will carefully review the application materials received and determine the preliminary intention, and within one week after receiving the materials
Complete; In the second week or during acclimation, the candidate will be notified by phone or E-mail whether to interview.
② The candidates attend the company interview. The personnel department of the company shall contact the applicant and explain the detailed matters needing attention.
③ Report the situation of the target to the company's leaders, and determine whether the admission opinion.
④ The personnel department of the company will issue a notice of acceptance or rejection.
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